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The Republic of Cape Verde honors Cape Verdean cultural personalities in America


Dr. Fátima Veiga, Ambassador of Cape Verde to the United States, will preside over a ceremony to honor two distinguished Cape Verdeans—namely, the artist and musician João José de Azevedo (Vuca) Pinheiro and the writer Teobaldo Virgínio—at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, on Friday, December 10, 2010 at 5:30 p.m. The ceremony, including a reception, is open to the university community and will take place in the University Faculty Dining Room, Parking Lot 5 or 6.

Ambassador Veiga will do the honors on behalf of His Excellency, President Pedro Pires of the Republic of Cape Verde, who has awarded the honorees the First Class of the “Vulcão” Medal (1ª classe da Medalha do Vulcão).

The medal represents an appreciation for the invaluable contributions Mr. Pinheiro and Mr. Virgínio have made to Capeverdean culture, not only in the islands but also in the diaspora.

Mr. Pinheiro, or Vuca, as he is known, is a multitalented and creative “man of the arts.” He has promoted Cape Verdean language, music and culture in Canada, Brazil and the US, where he has lived on and off going back to the 1970s. He has worked in radio, TV, written press, and has experimented with literature, having published poetry and many opinion articles in community newspapers such as Voz Di Povo and The Portuguese Times. Most great Cape Verdean performers have interpreted Vuca’s works as a writer, producer and musician. Mr. Pinheiro is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, where he teaches today.  

Mr. Virgínio, is an acclaimed writer and author of a vast selection of published works, mainly in the genres of fiction and poetry. Born in Santo Antão, he has experienced with many professions such as evangelical pastor and has collaborated in community publications like Arquipélago (USA), where he was editor-in-chief, Presença Crioula, Morabeza, and others in Angola and Brazil.

Mr. Virgínio lives in Brockton, MA, which has been his home for more than 30 years.


Contact: Isabel Varela