The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture / Tagus Press is a multidisciplinary international studies and outreach unit dedicated to the study of the language, literatures and cultures of the Portuguese-speaking world. Working in close partnership with the Department of Portuguese and the Ferreira-Mendes Portuguese-American Archives, it is the oldest of these units devoted to Portuguese at UMass Dartmouth.

Events - 2007

Launching of the book Vitorino Nemésio and the Azores

plcs11The Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture announces the publication of volume 11 of the internationally-acclaimed journal, Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies, dedicated to the theme, “Vitorino Nemésio and the Azores.”

The 530-page volume, guest edited by Prof. Francisco C. Fagundes of UMass Amherst, renowned scholar and translator, is dedicated to Vitorino Nemésio (1901-1978), the most celebrated Azorean author to date, one of the leading Portuguese writers of the twentieth century, and the author of Stormy Isles: An Azorean Odyssey (trans. Francisco C. Fagundes, 1998), a James Michener-like novel that encompasses 500 years of Azorean history and culture. The volume of the journal includes translations of Nemésio’s poetry and short stories, in addition to more than 30 articles and reviews by some of the most important Portuguese essayists today, among which Óscar Lopes, Vasco Graça Moura and Maria Alzira Seixo, and João de Melo. The publication includes an exhaustive bibliography of and about Antero de Quental in English, by George Monteiro.

“Vitorino Nemésio and the Azores” will have three launchings over the next three weeks: On March 20, in Lisbon, at the Luso-American Foundation; on March 26, in São Miguel, at the University of the Azores and on March 27, in Terceira, at the Praia da Vitória Town Hall.

Chancellor Jean F. MacCormack of UMass Dartmouth will join Dr. Carlos Cesar, President of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, for the launching at the University of the Azores.

The publication of “Vitorino Nemésio and the Azores” was made possible in part by a generous grant from the Luso-American Foundation, of Lisbon.