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Events - 2008

2008 Portuguese Summer Program Cultural Events

Concert : Lena Timas

Wednesday, July 9, 2008, 8 PM
College of Visual & Performing Arts, Recital Hall

Price : $7 -- General Audience; $5 -- Students

Lena Timas Born in Santo Antão and raised in São Vicente, Lena Timas is yet another example of the global popularity of Cape Verdean music. With the launch of her breakthrough CD "MAGIA D'MORNA" in 2005, produced by ZEMANU PRODUCTIONS (Zé Timas and Manu Kat), the Cape Verdean community came to know the enormous talent of a singer who today is of great value in the promotion of the traditional Cape Verdean music.

At the age of seventeen, Lena started working as a teacher on the island of Sal, where she had the privilege to live in close contact with live Cape Verdean music, but it was only in 1982 when she moved to the US that the doors of the music world opened for her. Now married to a famous guitar player and music producer, Zé Timas, Lena started accompanying by her husband to musical events and little by little began to attract more attention from the public through her ever-increasing participation in musical performances. 

The launch of her CD only strengthened her base of popularity, garnering widespread praise from the public, positive reviews in US and Canadian newspapers, and even the attention of the all-important French market. The music company PLAYA SOUND expressed an interest in Lena, and became involved in the distribution of her CD in 17 countries throughout the world, including Japan.
Not only a singer, but also a writer of lyrics on her CD, she sings two of her own songs (Magia d'morna) and (Nem Sempre).
With Lena we stand before a great performer. Due to her excellent capacity to communicate and interact with the public, she can captivate any audience. 

Lena is accompanied by the group VOZ E CORDA (Ze Timas, Amadeus, Roy, Tchico Evora, Antero, Marcelo) along with special guest singer and piano player Benvindo Cruz.