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Events - 2009

Lecture : "Re-Inserting Language in the Cape Verdean Creole Debate"

by Donaldo Macedo, University of Massachusetts Boston

Dates: July 15, 2009 - 11.30 AM
Location: LARTS, Room 111

Donaldo MacedoOne of the leading critical theorists in the United States, Dr. Macedo’s work has been translated into multiple languages. With a Ph.D. in Language Behavior, and an Ed.D. in psycholinguistics also from Boston University, Dr. Macedo’s work is primarily geared towards critical literacy and emancipatory pedagogy.  He has co-authored with Paulo Freire, Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky. Some of his more well known works include, Dancing with Bigotry, Literacies of Power, and Mis-education with Noam Chomsky. A leading figure in the language debates both here and abroad, his work on Capeverdean Creole remains one of the more celebrated studies on the topic.
He is now the Director of the Applied Linguistics program at the University of Massachusetts Boston.