The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture / Tagus Press is a multidisciplinary international studies and outreach unit dedicated to the study of the language, literatures and cultures of the Portuguese-speaking world. Working in close partnership with the Department of Portuguese and the Ferreira-Mendes Portuguese-American Archives, it is the oldest of these units devoted to Portuguese at UMass Dartmouth.

Events - 2010

Brazilian concert at UMass Dartmouth

by Valdisa Moura

July 27, 2010, 8 P.M. - CVPA Auditorium (Room 153) on the UMass Dartmouth Campus

Jo?o RosaOn July 27th at 8 pm, the UMass Dartmouth Summer Program in Portuguese will be hosting Brazilian singer Valdisa Moura and her band as part of its summer cultural activities calendar.

Valdisa Moura is a dynamic performer with a gorgeous voice and effortless stage presence. She’s backed by an equally talented and culturally diverse ensemble of musicians who contribute a variety of other musical elements such as jazz. She will be presenting a new musical project called “Outro Brasil” (“Another Brazil”), which includes some of her own compositions and new arrangements. Her show delves into Brazil’s folk roots while offer­ing new interpretations of Brazilian popular music.

The concert will be held in the CVPA Auditorium (Room 153) on the UMass Dartmouth Campus, 285 Old Westport Road, with free parking in Lot 9. The concert, along with all other activities of Summer Program in Portuguese, is organized by the Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture and co-sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Luso-American Foundation.

For more information, call the Center office at (508) 999-8255.