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Events - 2010

Between Spain and the Empire: The Quest for a Portuguese Identity

A lecture by Prof. José Damião Rodrigues
from the University of the Azores / Center of Overseas History

Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 5:00 PM
Arts & Sciences Dean’s Conference Room, 397-D. Parking lot 1.
All welcome!

Abstract. In this talk, Prof. Rodrigues will discuss the historical relationship between Portugal and Spain in the broad context of the political, social and cultural interactions between the two Iberian states since the fifteenth century. Against the background of a project of Iberian unity, the Portuguese overseas empire contributed to the affirmation of Portugal as an independent political entity within the Iberian Peninsula, but the dream of a united Iberia survived until the nineteenth century. Historically, the imperial or colonial path and its myths served to sustain the cause of Portugal’s independence. Today, in the context of its membership in the European Union, Portugal still has to deal with its past as it negotiates its relationships.

Professor José Damião Rodrigues holds a PhD in History from the University of the Azores (2001). He is a member of the Center of Overseas History, a research unit at the New University of Lisbon and the University of the Azores, and the project manager of the research group “Elites and the Portuguese Empire.” He was Directeur d’Études Associé at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris (1998) and a Visiting Scholar at Brown University (2008) and at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2008), and he is now Professor in the Master’s and PhD Program in Latin American History (Historia de América Latina, Mundos Indígenas) at the University Pablo de Olavide in Seville (2010-11). A member of the Editorial Board of the “European Expansion and Indigenous Response” Series edited by Brill, he is the author or co-editor of several articles, book chapters and books. Among Prof. Rodrigues’s books are Poder Municipal e Oligarquias Urbanas: Ponta Delgada no Século XVII (1994) and São Miguel no século XVIII: casa, elites e poder (2004); with Francisco José Aranda Pérez, he co-edited De Re Publica Hispaniae: Una vindicación de la cultura política en los reinos ibéricos en la primera modernidad (2008). His current research interests lie in the area of early-modern history (c. 1500-c. 1820), with special focus on Atlantic history, empires, social structure, elites and political culture.