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Events - 2012

Publication of Land of Milk and Money: A Novel by Anthony Barcellos

Land of Milk and Money: A Novel
Land of Milk and Money; A Novel by
Anthony Barcellos

Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth, in partnership with the University Press of New England (UPNE), announces the publication of Land of Milk and Money; A Novel by Anthony Barcellos. In this debut novel, a Portuguese immigrant family falls apart when the matriarch’s death leaves their dairy-farm legacy up for grabs.

Land of Milk and Money tells the story of the Francisco family, Portuguese immigrants who build a prosperous California dairy farm. With their growing success, plans to return to the Old Country fall by the wayside, and the legacy of the older generation becomes a source of contention among descendants competing to inherit herds of cattle and tracts of farmland. As matriarch, Teresa had devoted her life to keeping the peace in her big family. But when she dies, long-simmering resentments and feuds burst into the open – and into the courtroom. Teresa, however, had seen it all coming, and her will contains a few surprises.

This debut novel has received advance praise from John Lescroart, author of The Hunter, who writes: “In Land of Milk and Money, Barcellos mines rich family history with the Portuguese immigrant experience in California’s Central Valley to create a full-blooded tale that patient readers will find insightful, rewarding, and entertaining.” Gerald Haslam, author of The Great Central Valley, enthusiastically endorses the book: “One of the West’s singular migrations – from the Azores to California’s Great Central Valley – is given faces and voices in Land of Milk and Money. A must read.”

Anthony Barcellos
Anthony Barcellos

Anthony Barcellos grew up speaking Portuguese on his grandfather’s dairy farm in Porterville, California. He has since learned English. He lives in Davis, California, and teaches math at American River College in Sacramento. Land of Milk and Money is volume 18 of the Portuguese in the Americas Book Series.

For more information, please contact Mario Pereira, Managing Editor of Tagus Press at 508-999-8255 or To purchase the volume, please visit the UPNE website