The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture / Tagus Press is a multidisciplinary international studies and outreach unit dedicated to the study of the language, literatures and cultures of the Portuguese-speaking world. Working in close partnership with the Department of Portuguese and the Ferreira-Mendes Portuguese-American Archives, it is the oldest of these units devoted to Portuguese at UMass Dartmouth.

Events - 2013

Leadership change at Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture announced

Dr. João Paraskeva
Dr. João Paraskeva is the new Director of the
Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture

UMass Dartmouth announced the appointment of Dr. João Paraskeva as the new Director of the Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture. Dr. Paraskeva succeeds Dr. Frank Sousa, who resigned from the position last week following 17 years of leadership that established the center as a leading provider of education, scholarship and outreach activity.

''The University thanks Dr. Sousa for the unparalleled knowledge, dedication and passion he has demonstrated over the last 17 years in building the Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture,’’ Chancellor Divina Grossman said. “He has made a singular contribution to the community's understanding of the Portuguese-American experience and the contributions of Portuguese people to global society. In collaboration with the community and civic leaders he has been the lead architect of a vibrant intellectual community that we all now must work to build upon. We will miss his leadership of the center, but we recognize that this decision will allow him the time to share his knowledge and passion with more students, as well as allow more opportunities for his own writing projects.''

College of Arts and Science Dean Jeannette Riley, said, ''We owe Dr. Sousa a debt of gratitude for building the Center into an internationally recognized place of learning and discovery, and we look forward to his ongoing contributions. Understanding the importance of moving quickly given the centrality of the Center to the mission of the University, the Executive Board of the Center unanimously recommended Dr. Paraskeva to lead the Center on Monday .''

Dr. Paraskeva, who earned his doctorate from the University of Minho, Portugal, is the Chair of the Department of Education Leadership, Program Director of the EdD/PhD in Education Leadership and Policy Studies, and European Union Promodoc Ambassador for European Union Doctoral Programs in the United States. His research is focused on the relation between social policy and education.

''The Center is losing a tremendous intellectual resource in Dr. Sousa, and we will need to work extraordinarily hard collectively to build upon the world class legacy that he has established,'' Dr. Paraskeva said. ''I look forward to working with the many friends of the Center, the Ferreira Mendes Portuguese-American Archives, the Department of Portuguese, and other departments, as well the community to expand our education, research, and outreach activities.''