The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture / Tagus Press is a multidisciplinary international studies and outreach unit dedicated to the study of the language, literatures and cultures of the Portuguese-speaking world. Working in close partnership with the Department of Portuguese and the Ferreira-Mendes Portuguese-American Archives, it is the oldest of these units devoted to Portuguese at UMass Dartmouth.

Events - 2014

Tagus Press: Call for Manuscripts

Umass Dartmouth

Tagus Press, the publishing house of the Center for Portuguese Studies & Culture at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, is dedicated to publishing original research in a variety of fields on the Lusophone world as well as important works of literature, written in English or in translation. As a mission-driven press, we are committed to generating and disseminating knowledge about the language, literatures, cultures and societies of the Lusophone world. This long-standing commitment is demonstrated by our impressive list of publications, including works by world-renowned intellectuals such as Nobel Prize winner José Saramago, Eduardo Lourenço, Luiz Felipe de Alencastro, Fernando Gil, Helder Macedo, Luís de Camões, Padre António Vieira, Eça de Queirós, Jorge Amado, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (forthcoming), Rubem Fonseca and João de Melo (forthcoming) as well as emerging and established voices such as Cristovão Tezza, J.P. Cuenca, Brian Sousa, Anthony Barcellos, Joseph Conforti and Frank X. Gaspar.

Tagus Press invites manuscripts and proposals for consideration in its four book series namely, Portuguese in the Americas and the World; Adamastor: Literatures, Cultures and Societies of the Portuguese-speaking World; Brazilian Literature in Translation; and Classic Histories from the Portuguese-speaking World in Translation.

We are seeking a mix of titles and formats, including essay-length works, full-length single author and co-author monographs, and edited volumes of essays representing several authors, disciplines, epistemological perspectives or theoretical approaches. We are also seeking proposals for translations of works of historical or creative merit. We welcome submissions in either English or Portuguese

Tagus Press Series

To submit a project for consideration, please send a formal proposal or prospectus to the Managing Editor, Mario Pereira ( The proposal should include: 1) a detailed synopsis of the work, outlining its intended contribution to the field; 2) an abstract of about 300 words, summarizing the work’s content; 3) an annotated table of contents and one or two sample chapters; 4) a current CV.

Center Portuguese Studies and Culture Director
Joao M. Paraskeva (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies)
Tagus Press Director
Timothy Walker (History)
Tagus Press Managing Director
Mario Pereira, Ph.D.

Tagus Press UMD Faculty Editorial Board
Andrea Klimt (Anthropology)
Anna Klobucka (Portuguese & Women's and Gender Studies)
Isabel Rodrigues (Anthropology)
John Fobanjong (Political Science & African-American Studies)
Memory Holloway (Art History)