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Events - 2015

FLAD and University of Azores Announce New Call for Mobility Proposals

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FLAD and University of Azores Announce New
Call for Mobility Proposals

FLAD and the University of the Azores (UAc) signed a new protocol in February 2015 governing the mobility funds that FLAD provides to promote travel between the UAc and any US university or research institution. FLAD has committed €100.000 to the initiative in 2015.

Faculty, researchers and/or students (undergrad or grad) are eligible to participate under the guidance of a Principle Investigator (PI). Applicants from the UAc seeking mobility funding to the USA will apply through the UAc. Applicants from US institutions seeking mobility funding to the Azores must use the link below and apply through the FLAD website.There will be two calls each year, and notifications will be sent out shortly after the call ends.

The total amount available for this call is €50,000 but no single request will typically receive more than €20,000. The deadline for this RFP is April 30, 2015. The mobility project proposed must start during calendar year 2015. A second RFP will be announced toward the end of Summer 2015.

Find out details here: