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Events - 2017

Call for Papers: Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies / 32

PLCS 32: Luso-American Literatures and Cultures Today

Editors: Christopher Larkosh, Emanuel da Silva and Jo-Anne Ferreira

Call for Papers
Call for Papers
Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies / 32
Luso-American Literatures and Cultures Today
Editors: Christopher Larkosh, Emanuel da Silva
and Jo-Anne Ferreira.

While recent literary anthologies and social-science edited collections address a number of lacunae in research on the Portuguese diaspora in the US and Canada, there is still a pressing need for an issue of PLCS that can bridge the gap between academia and the local community and thus provide new contexts for, as well as practicable insights into, Portuguese-American cultural identity in the US and corresponding communities in other parts of North America in the 21st century.

Although some traditions—especially those connected to religious and cultural festivals or the Portuguese home and kitchen—continue to form the core of what many community members consider Luso-diasporic culture in North America, there are many other ways that these conventional parameters of Portuguese-American cultural identity can be imagined and rethought. This need for rethinking is due, in large part, to changing social and economic conditions in local and global contexts which result, for example, in many identifiably Portuguese-American neighborhoods and commercial areas being supplemented or replaced by other kinds of consumer spaces. There is thus a renewed need for scholarly work that can act as a sort of blueprint for the present and future new directions of Luso-American culture, as part of a continually expanding set of historical reference points and intercultural connections. 

The proposed issue of PLCS will focus on contemporary Luso-American cultural manifestations in the broadest ways possible and from across the North American continent, including New England, the Ironbound district of New Jersey, the San Joaquin valley and elsewhere in California, Hawaii, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean.  

We encourage authors to submit full-length academic articles (5500-8000 words) in English or Portuguese that examine any of the following themes:

The deadline for submission is October 15, 2017. We encourage authors to submit articles in English or Portuguese. Submissions must conform to the journal’s guidelines, which are available here:

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