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Adamastor Book Series, named for the mythological character invented by Camões in the Renaissance epic The Lusiads, is dedicated to publishing both translations of important works from the Portuguese language and essays on Lusophone literatures and cultures.
Producing Presences. Branching out from Gumbrecht’s Work
University of Massachusetts Press
Producing Presences
Branching out from Gumbrecht’s Work
João Cezar de Castro Rocha, ed.;
Victor K. Mendes, ed.;
Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, afterword

Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth

2007 . 378 pp. 6 x 9"
Literary Criticism - Spanish & Portuguese

$24.95 Hardcover, 978-1-933227-22-1

Table of Contents of Producing Presences. Branching out from Gumbrecht’s Work

  • Foreword: Do Theories Ever Travel? – Victor K. Mendes & João Cezar de Castro Rocha
  • The Materiality of Presence: Notes on Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht’s Theoretical Project – Pierpaolo Antonello
  • Lost in Focused Intensity: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht’s Hymn to Sports – Horst Bredekamp
  • The “Soft Terror” of Deconstruction – René Girard
  • In Praise of Focused Intensity – Stephen Greenblatt
  • Points of Style – Robert Pogue Harrison
  • Critical Reading After Gumbrecht – Victor K. Mendes
  • Some Thoughts on the Physics of Presence – Andrea Nightingale
  • Materialities of Communication: A Parallel Campaign from the Comrade-in-Arms – Karl Ludwig Pfeiffer
  • What’s the Matter with Presence? – Joan Ramon Resina
  • Match Point – Is Sports History Possible? – João Cezar de Castro Rocha
  • On Production of Presence – Richard Rorty
  • Gumbrecht’s “Presence” Between Musil and Heidegger – Kathrin Rosenfield
  • Interpretation in a Package – Miguel Tamen
  • Literary Aesthetics: The Very Idea – Lindsay Waters
  • In-12 Versus In-folio – Abel Barros Baptista
  • Here Lies Nothing: Ghosts of Empire in Portuguese India – K. David Jackson
  • Another Look at Identities – José Luís Jobim
  • Allophone Presences, in the ‘Here-and-Now’ of the Humanities – Christopher Larkosh
  • Repress the Desire for Eternity, or, Stop Making Sense of History! – Luís Madureira
  • On How to Compact a Text, or, La Rochefoucauld in the Tropics – Pedro Meira Monteiro
  • The Senses of In-Materiality – Evando Nascimento
  • Portuguese Actually: The “Special Relationship” meets the “Oldest Alliance” – Hilary Owen
  • From Oral Transmission to Written Text: The Construction of Emerging Literary Systems – Francisco Salinas Portugal
  • Driftings from Gumbrecht and Lyotard: The Concepts of “Figural” and “Presence” – Marília Librandi Rocha
  • Teaching Desire: The Aleatory in Ethics and the Aesthetic Experience – Phillip Rothwell
  • Afterword: Will my Present have a Future? – Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
  • Remarks on “Will my Present have a Future?” – Arbogast Schmitt
  • Contributors and Translators
  • Index
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