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Adamastor Book Series, named for the mythological character invented by Camões in the Renaissance epic The Lusiads, is dedicated to publishing both translations of important works from the Portuguese language and essays on Lusophone literatures and cultures.
Sonnets and Other Poems
Sonnets and Other Poems
Luís de Camões;
Richard Zenith, trans.

Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth

2009 . 232 pp. 6 x 9"

$24.95 Hardcover, 978-1-933227-26-9

Table of Contents of The Sermon of Saint Anthony to the Fish and Other Texts

  • INTRODUCTION: A Poet on the Edge
  • About the Selection and Translation
  • Acknowledgments and Suggested Reading
  • Books and Manuscripts Consulted - SONNETS
  • Enquanto quis Fortuna que tivesse – As long as Fortune wanted me
  • Eu cantarei de amor tão docemente – So sweetly will I sing of love
  • Amor é um fogo que arde sem se ver – Love is a fire that burns unseen
  • Tanto de meu estado me acho incerto – The state I’m in is so unsteady
  • Transforma-se o amador na cousa amada – The lover becomes the thing he loves
  • Um mover d’olhos, brando e piadoso – Eyes that flash with gentle pity
  • Pois meus olhos não cansam de chorar – Since my eyes don’t tire of weeping
  • Erros meus, má fortuna, amor ardente – My errors, cruel fortune and ardent love
  • Oh! como se me alonga, de ano em ano – Oh how long, year after year
  • No mundo poucos anos, e cansados – Few and wearisome years I lived
  • Correm turvas as águas deste rio – Muddy waters flow in this river
  • O tempo acaba o ano, o mês e a hora – Time swallows the year, the month, the hour
  • Busque Amor novas artes, novo engenho – Let Love devise new ways, new wiles
  • Alegres campos, verdes arvoredos – O happy fields and green woods
  • Sete anos de pastor Jacob servia – For seven years as a shepherd Jacob
  • Alma minha gentil, que te partiste – O most gentle soul who left
  • Males, que contra mim vos conjurastes – Afflictions that conspired against me
  • Mudam-se os tempos, mudam-se as vontades – Times change, desires change
  • Por sua Ninfa, Céfalo deixava – Although she ushers in the day
  • Ditoso seja aquele que somente – Happy the man who only complains
  • Em prisões baixas fui um tempo atado –Bound for a time in deep prisons
  • Que poderei do mundo já querer? – What can I want from the world now?
  • Despois que quis Amor que eu só passasse – After Love made me suffer, alone
  • O raio cristalino s’estendia – The crystalline ray of dappled Dawn
  • Com grandes esperanças já cantei – Once I sang with hopes so strong
  • Eu cantei já, e agora vou chorando – I used to sing and now I weep
  • No tempo que de amor viver soía – Back in the days when I lived for Love
  • Verdade, Amor, Razão, Merecimento – Truth, Love, Reason and Virtue
  • Na ribeira do Eufrates assentado – Sitting beside the Euphrates River
  • Cá nesta Babiblónia, donde mana – Here in this Babylon flowing with gold
  • Doces lembranças da passada glória – O sweet memories of my past glory
  • Quando de minhas mágoas a comprida – When endless dwelling on my sorrows
  • Lembranças que lembrais meu bem passado – O memories that deepen my present sorrow
  • – Como fizeste, Pórcia, tal ferida? – “How did you suffer such injury, Portia?”
  • Aquela triste e leda madrugada – Oh let that sad and joyful dawn
  • Aqueles claros olhos que, chorando – Those pale eyes that kept on crying
  • Dai-meu a lei, Senhora, de querer-vos – Grant me a law of having to love you
  • Quem vê, Senhora, claro e manifesto – Whoever, Lady, sees plain and clear
  • Dizei, Senhora, da Beleza ideia – Give me, Lady, an idea of Beauty
  • O céu, a terra, o vento sossegado – The sky, the earth, the wind blowing softly
  • Descalça vai para a fonte – Walking barefoot through the grass
  • Quem disser que a barca pende – If they tell you my boat lists
  • Aquela cativa – That lovely slave
  • ODE
  • Pode um desejo imenso – A fierce desire can rage
  • Foge-me pouco a pouco a curta vida – I’m slowly using up this short life
  • O Poeta Simónides, falando – The Poet Simonides, talking
  • Já a roxa manhã clara – The bright red dawn
  • Junto de um seco, fero e estéril monte – By a dry, wild and barren mountain
  • Manda-me Amor que cante docemente – Love orders me to sweetly sing
  • Vinde cá, meu tão certo secretário – Come here, my faithful confidant
  • SONG
  • Sôbolos rios que vão – By the rivers that flow
  • Quem pode ser no mundo tão quieto – On the World’s Chaos and Confusion
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