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Hélio and Amélia Pedroso/Luso-American Foundation Endowed Chair

Ana Luísa Amaral, Visiting Endowed Chair Professor in Portuguese Studies
for Fall Semester 2014

Prof. Ana Luísa Amaral
Ana Luísa Amaral

Ana Luísa Amaral holds a Ph.D. on Emily Dickinson and is a professor at the University of Porto.

She has developed her academic research around Comparative Poetics and Feminist Studies and has coordinated several international projects.

She has written over twenty books, of poetry (such as Minha Senhora de Quê, Às Vezes o Paraíso, A Génese do Amor, among others), theatre (Próspero morreu) and children’s literature (such as Gaspar, o Dedo Diferente, A História da Aranha Leopoldina, among others).

Her books have been published in several countries. She has also translated poets like Eunice de Souza, John Updike, and Emily Dickinson. Theatre plays have been staged around her poetry and her books for children.

She has taught several courses on Creative Writing and has been awarded several prizes and distinctions, among which are the Correntes d’Escritas/Casino da Póvoa prize and the Grande Prémio da APE (Associação Portuguesa de Escritores).

Her most recent books are Como Tu (children’s literature, 2012), Ara (fiction, Sextante, 2013) and Escuro (poetry, Assírio & Alvim, 2014).