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Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies 7
Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies 7
A Repertoire of Contemporary Portuguese Poetry
Guest editor: Victor K. Mendes

Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth

2008 . 432 pp. 6 x 9"
Poetry / Portugal

$24.95 Paperback, 978-1-933227-08-5

Table of Contents of A Repertoire of Contemporary Portuguese Poetry

  • Editor’s Note
  • Splendor in the Grass: Ruy Belo and the Poetry Lesson – Pedro SerraTime in Ruy Belo’s Poetry: Three Preliminary Aspects – Victor K. Mendes
  • “The Poet is Not a Faker”: Herberto Helder and the Myth of Poetry – António Ladeira
  • Estilo e ficção autoral n Os Pass em Volta, de Herberto Helder – Silvia Oliveira
  • The Insurgent Body Poetic of Luiza Neto Jorge – Anna M. Klobucka
  • O sopro do sentido na poesia muda de António Franco Alexandre – David Antunes
  • Between Time and Heaven: The Mysterious Laws of João Miguel Fernandes Jorge’s Poetry – Carlos Veloso
  • Nuno Júdice: arte poética com melancolia – Ida Ferreira Alves
  • Poesia e museologia em Vasco Graça Moura – Fernando Matos Oliveira
  • Os desejos a que ninguém responde – Jorge Gomes Miranda
  • The Door Ajar: Adíslia Lopes and the Art of Approximation – Rachel Rothenberg


  • Love and the Empire in Os Lusíadas – Saul Jiménez-Sandoval
  • The Monstrous Lineage of Adamastor and His Critics – Josiah Blackmore
  • Einstein e Pessoa – Kenneth Krabbenhoft
  • Joyce and Pessoa: Authors of Polyphony – David Butler
  • Tangled Threads: World History through a Portuguese Lens – Liam M. Brockey
  • Portuguese-Brazilian (Dis)Connections – Fernando Arenas
  • Why Do Scholars Write Autobiographies? or: Exile as a “Comfortable” Metaphor – João Cezar de Castro Rocha
  • The God Factor – José Saramago
  • The God Maker: A Reply to Saramago – Pedro Schachtt Pereira
  • In Nomine Dei? Saramago, Religion, and “The God Factor” – Keith Anthis
  • Do imemorial ou a dança do tempo – Eduardo Lourenço


  • ‘Once you Experience Love ...’ – Camões, Translated by Landeg White
  • Three Poems – Ruy Belo, Translated by Richard Zenith
  • From Flash – Herberto Helder, Translated by Alexis Levitin


  • Disquiet of Influence – Anna M. Klobucka, on George Monteiro. Fernando Pessoa and Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Literature.
  • Worlds of Difference, Words of Equivalence: Pessoa’s Prose Writings and the English-language Reader – Mark Sabine, on Fernando Pessoa. The Selected Prose of Fernando Pessoa.
  • Passos novos numa dança antiga – João de Mancelos, sobre Paulina Chiziane. Niketche – Uma dança de poligamia.
  • Provincetown’s Portuguese – George Monteiro, on Frank X. Gaspar. Leaving Pico.
  • A Landscape Transformed: Narrative Shifts in Lídia Jorge’s O vento assobiando nas gruas – Ellen W. Sapega, on Lídia Jorge. O vento assobiando nas gruas.
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