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Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies 29
Fernando Pessoa as English Reader and Writer
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Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies 29
The Eighteenth Century
Guest Editor: Bruno Carvalho (Princeton University)


In very advanced stage of preparation. Full text ready for typesetting from the general editors and guest editor on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, at 12:30 PM. It will be in open access online for free download and in print by March 2017. 

Abstract. Despite the general lack of the printing press and universities in its colonies, the Portuguese empire maintained a global reach throughout "the long eighteenth century." Challenging the notion of the Portuguese-speaking world as "backwards" or merely obscurantist during the period, this special issue aims to explore how the circulation of new forms of knowledge generated resistance as well as selective and creative appropriations. The geographer Charles Withers proposes that once we consider the European Enlightenment's concerns with pushing the boundaries of knowledge about the world, "the margin becomes the core." In broad strokes, we invite articles that seek to understand the Lusophone eighteenth century in transatlantic and hemispheric contexts, while shedding light on some of its specific dimensions. Can a closer look at Lusophone experiences and texts help us to recognize forms of knowledge that Enlightenment luminaries tended to neglect? Can the study of "peripheries" serve to uncover part of the period's epistemological instabilities and wealth of ontological possibilities, sometimes flattened as it becomes understood either as an Age of Reason or as an age of colonial exploitation?

Table of Contents

Thematic Section:
0. Introduction: "Partial Enlightenments: Precedents & Possibilities for the 18th Century in Luso-Brazilian Studies," Bruno Carvalho
1."Um bosque nos trópicos: natureza e sociabilidade no Rio de Janeiro setecentista," Claudete Daflon
2."Os homens da boa pena e os manuscritos iluminados na Capitania de Minas Gerais no século XVIII," Márcia Almada
3."Discourse and Disaster: A Universal History of Lisbon's 1755 Earthquake," Estela Vieira
4. "Estrangeirados, Iluminismo, Enlightenment – uma revisitação de conceitos no contexto português," Onésimo T. Almeida
5. "Aleijadinho, the 'Baroque Hero' and Brazilian National Identity," Guiomar de Graummont

Non-thematic Section:
1. "As traições de Adolfo Caminha: Bom Crioulo e a 'crioulização' do naturalismo," David Bailey
2. "Tapia's Póstumo el Transmigrado: A Pre-Incarnation of Brás Cubas," John Maddox

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