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Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies 30/31
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Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies 30/31
Transnational Africas: Visual, Material and Sonic Cultures of Lusophone Africa
Editors: Christopher Larkosh, Mario Pereira and Memory Holloway

Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth

2018 . 283 pp

ISBN: 1521-804X (print)
ISBN: 2573-1432 (online)
ISBN: : 978-1-933227-82-5 (pbk.: alk. paper)
ISBN: :978-1-933227-83-2 (Ebook)


The scholarly articles and interview that comprise this double issue examine African visual, material and sonic culture by way of a broad corpus of examples from both within and beyond the uncertain boundaries of Lusophone Africa. Together, they reiterate the urgent need for a sustained transnational scholarly approach to Africa that allows for a shift in focus toward modes of cultural production in which written, spoken or recorded language is not the principal or sole medium of communication. This special issue is thus dedicated to advancing a more complex and inclusive model of Luso-Afro-Brazilian cultural studies: one that encourages a renewed conversation on the possibilities of cross-border paradigms of identity and alterity emanating from the visual arts, music, performance, material objects, and other common places.

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